Life less serious.

Painfully awkward.
Ridiculously insecure.

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"Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything. They make you feel so alive that you’d follow them straight into hell, just to keep getting your fix."

-Karen Marie Moning, Shadowfever  (via featherumbrellas)

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"You had me at a point where I would’ve left the entire world behind for you."


2:03am, I really loved you that much. (via tahom)

I still would.

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But not anymore.

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This weather reminded me of you


This weather reminded me of you

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"She scares the hell out of me and calms my soul at the same time. Maybe that’s what love is—a total contradiction that somehow balances out."

-Tammara Webber, Where You Are (via quotethat)
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I’ve cried, and you’d think I’d be better for it, but the sadness just sleeps, and it stays in my spine the rest of my life.


-Conor Oberst (via perfect)

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"I was as hollow and empty as the spaces between stars."

- Raymond Chandler, “The Long Goodbye” (via wordsnquotes)
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